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  • Improve communication with parents
  • Boost Covid-19 safety and readiness
  • Meet licensing requirements
  • Save time and money

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  • Share daily activities and engage with families
  • Track development progress, plan lessons
  • Use sign-in Kiosk and track attendance
  • Manage staff and classrooms

Engage families and make parents happy with better knowledge about daily activities

Staff can post photos, activities, meals, incident reports, behavior, needed items, and much more. Configurable push notifications alert parents when a photo or an important event is posted.

Families know immediately what their kid is doing during the day. They don't have to wait pick-up time to find out what happened and can connect to their account anytime, whether they are at work, at home, or away on a trip. It reduces the anxiety of being away from the child not knowing what's happening. Parents will be less stressed and more relaxed leaving their child at your child care.

Protect staff and children by implementing mandated Covid-19 health and safety procedures

Reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission with contactless sign-in and health screening procedures. A fully customizable health questionnaire can be set up each day for parents to sign-in their child. Answers are automatically shared with staff, and archived for easy access and for regulatory compliance.

Daily Connect allows the information to be passed from childcare staff to parents digitally instead of on paper handouts to reduce the spread of germs. Digital signature of incident reports and sign-in forms can be collected via the application. A report with the children temperature readings is easily accessible along many more reports.

Simplify your check-in process and satisfy licensing requirements

Parents can sign-in by scanning a QR Code on their own device, or by entering a unique personal 4-digit pin code on a childcare device. Staff can use the same process to clock-in and out, parent's signature and questionnaire can also be collected during the sign-in/out process. You always know which children are in the facility, and the child/teacher ratio in each classroom. The information is archived and attendance reports are easily accessible to satisfy licensing requirements.

What our users are saying

  • Parents will love you for it!
    We post every moment and as much information as we can and parents absolutely love it! It's for sure some of the reason parents chose us over other programs!

    Jaime J.
    Daycare owner

    Get ahead of your competition!
    Daily Connect is one of the most popular things new families comment on when they join our school. Parents are use to using technology in their daily routines and felt that the "paper" reports were outdated!

    Terri R.
    Child Care Owner

    The Right Solution for our Childcare Centers
    We searched several app options for our chain of 14 childcare centers and Daily Connect was the best solution from functionality to cost to customer service. We have been with them around 2 years and very happy.

    Leah B.
    Child Care Marketing Director

    Great to promote our center
    Prospective parents like the fact that they can see what is happening with their child in the classroom as it happens. They also appreciate the conversations they can have with the classroom teacher. It helps us maintain the ratios that we need to be sure to maintain.

    Elaine U.
    Child Care Director
  • Using Daily Connect makes the teacher's lives easier!
    The parents at our center love the app! They like that they can communicate to the teachers and the teachers can communicate to them. Posting photos is another plus for the parents especially when their child just starts, it's nice for them to see how well they are doing!

    Sarah P.
    Assistant Director

    The best family communication app!
    I am a teacher and this program makes it so easy to communicate and update families throughout the day. Families love that they can get notifications through the app, and love the pictures that we send. When the end of the year comes and it is time for the children to move to the next classroom it is is so easy to transfer their account to the next classroom. It's the best!

    Jessica H.
    Lead Teacher

    Highly recommended!
    Our families love the real time updates about their child's day. We have referred many many people to the app.

    Abigail E.
    Assistant Director

    Daily Connect is the Best!
    Daily Connect is a quick and easy alternative to a paper daily sheet. It saves money and the environment, and my parents love being able to check in on their children during the day.

    Amy N.
    Family Child Care Provider
  • Life Changing
    Daily Connect allows my parents to sign in and out without having to use paper. Parents get a report immediately after they sign their child out. It's quick and it's easy!

    Daniella J.
    Child Care Director

    Couldn't live without it!
    I love everything about this system, but most importantly the customer service is outstanding! I have only had to inquire 2 times, and both issues were handled within minutes. The developer directly contacted me via email. I was extremely impressed! Not only is the customer service great, but it is perfect for documentation and communicating with my child care families. I cannot give this program a better review! 10 out of 10!

    Nichole M.

    My staff and parents love it!
    Daily Connect has been a wonderful way for us to get rid of daily tracking papers. Our parents are more engaged, and it makes schoolwide messaging a breeze! On the rare occasions that we have had technical trouble, our questions are answered and problems are resolved quickly. It is amazingly helpful and works nicely with our small business budget!

    Katie K.
    Owner/Asst Director

    Terrific Program! Parents and staff love it!!
    This software is easy to use and offers many options for providing parents with specific details about their child's day. The message function is simple and the attendance tracking feature is useful. We run the app in 9 classrooms and track more than one hundred kids each day, the app is reliable

    Karen M.
    Program Director

Customize the application to fit your own needs and branding

Add, remove, reorder and change the title of each category, for instance the diaper category can be removed for classrooms of older children, and sign-in/out can be renamed drop-off/pick-up. Change the color theme of the application and edit all pre-defined quick-access choices. Each classroom can have its own customization.

Daily Connect is suitable for children of all ages, from new-born to school-age children. It can be used by large child care centers, small family daycare, nannies, drop-in daycare, after-school programs or summer schools. You can even put your own branding on the web application.

Easily manage your classrooms and ensure licensing compliance

You're always in control about what's happening in your facility as you now have full access to the activity in each classroom. The full history with all the photos, incident reports and communication with parents is archived and accessible at any time. You can produce reports needed for regulation compliance, send emergency text messages to parents, send newletters, documents and emails to parents, or use the calendar feature to inform about upcoming events, menus and lessons.

Track children development and plan lessons

Record observations and assessments using your own custom learning framework, or one of the provided state standard or learning framework. You can view assessment reports to understand each child development and prepare lessons and activities for lacking skills.

Facilitate your parent-teacher conferences by creating and sharing children's portfolios

Create a unique digital portfolio for each child including important milestones, development progresses, activities, photos or drawings. Print the portfolio or view it in a slideshow mode during your parent-teacher conference.
The portfolio can be easily exported in a pdf file and share with parents, and everybody can keep its own copy of the portfolio for archive.

Manage all your locations from the same account

Are you the owner of multiple daycare locations? With Daily Connect, you can manage all your locations from the same account. You can nominate an administrator for each location or regional supervisors with access to several facilities. Your accounting team can have access to the attendance data of each center. Your Education Team can define and share lesson plans and learning framework for each location.

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